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  • What is Colostrum?
    Colostrum is the first pre-milk lactation of mammals at the time of birth and in most species, is essential for a newborn’s passive transfer of immunity, from mother-to-baby. This “first food” contains numerous bioactive components including immunoglobulins, antibodies, growth and repair factors, protein, fat, and essential vitamins and nutrients. It is Nature’s design to stimulate the immune system and jumpstart many of the biological processes to assist in the young animal’s lifelong journey of health and vitality. Studies across species have demonstrated colostrum’s positive impact on health throughout life stages.
  • Why Bovine Colostrum?
    It is known that bovine colostrum is efficacious in other mammalian species. It is low in lactose, making it appropriate for adult horses who are naturally lactose sensitive. Colostrum’s bioactive ingredients can help support overall health and wellbeing, contributing to a horse’s vitality and frontline defense against pathogens.
  • How much should I feed my horse?
    10 grams a day is recommended for the average adult horse and/or 1 gram for every 120 pounds. We recommend feeding one scoop (10g) per day of Summit Colostrum, divided at morning and evening as a topping on grain.
  • How long will it be until I see results?
    Results vary depending on the intended purpose of colostrum supplementation. Typically, you should see results within two months of continued or regular use.
  • Are there any side effects to using Colostrum?
    There are no known negative side effects of bovine colostrum. Colostrum is considered a natural and safe product for horses.
  • Is Summit Colostrum Equine Protection safe on pregnant or lactating mares?
    Colostrum is all natural and a safe supplement to give all horses. We always recommend consulting with your veterinarian prior to use
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